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Private Ice Climbing Instruction & Custom Ice Guiding

Winter time in Colorado is our playground! Colorado boasts some of the very best ice climbing in the lower 48 states and with numerous ice climbs in the Denver, Golden, and Boulder areas, there is always something in on the Front Range. This unique medium includes frozen waterfalls, snow covered cliffs, icefalls, and everything in-between. Climbing ice is the perfect mix of concentration, technique, and power blended together with beautiful mountains and scenery.

We can customize any private day out ice climbing to work on the skills and technique to climb even the steepest, hardest routes. The basics of climbing alpine ice and waterfall ice are an essential skill every climber should have in their toolbox as they look towards bigger mountains. Whether you are a beginner ice climber looking to swing tools for the first time, or a more experienced climber looking to push your grade and perfect your technique, we will customize a private day or session around you and your ice climbing goals.


Our professional guides are mountain educators and instructors who want to see you succeed in the mountains.  We offer half, full, and extreme days in many different locations across Colorado and the Front Range. See a full list of the locations we guide HERE.

Not sure which ice climbing trip is right for you?  Give us a call or email us HERE.

Why Climb With Us?

Our guides have spent countless hours climbing and swinging ice tools into the best ice in Colorado. We are dedicated to excellence in teaching ice climbing movement and technical skills, an unwavering commitment to explore the best mountain scenery, and a belief that all our guests should walk away with a smile. With ice climbing instruction taught by certified AMGA guides, you can rest easy knowing you're climbing with the best.


Price Includes


  • A professionally trained and/or certified AMGA guide

  • All necessary ice climbing equipment including harnesses, helmets, crampons, belay devices, ropes, protection, ice tools, and mountaineering boots

  • Professional guiding and instruction throughout the entire day

  • CLICK HERE to see our prices

Price Excludes


  • Transportation. You will be responsible for your own transportation to and from a designated meeting area

  • Gratuity

  • Personal items such as food, clothing, backpack, etc.

  • Cold weather/snow attire, including gloves and water resistant pants

  • Entrance fees and parking fees (where necessary)



A Private Day out ice climbing with a guide is one of the best ways to learn technique, movement efficiency, practice a skill​, or go after that dream route! Our private guided adventures are 100% customizable towards your aspirations and goals. Guided trips are offered in Golden's own, Clear Creek Canyon. Whether you are looking for climbing instruction, a great climbing partner, or just a fun day out swinging ice tools, we can make it happen! Half day ice climbing trips are perfect for those looking for an introduction to the wonderful world of ice or those with only a few hours to get out, while full days are excellent for lots of climbing and multi-pitch ice routes.

More information:

  • Recommended experience level: Beginner, intermediate, advanced

  • Custom tailored day for you and your group

  • We offer private half days, full days, and custom ice guiding

  • To view a complete list of areas we guide, click HERE



  • 1 on 1 guiding and instruction from an AMGA certified guide

  • This day is all about you and what you want to achieve

  • Choose from any location we guide in (ice depending)

  • Custom tailored ice climbing instruction based on your skill and ability

Clear Creek Canyon ice climbing trips

Private Half Day

Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you can't climb! Learn the basics, work on technique, or train for bigger mountains while climbing ice.

Guided ice climbing and instruction near Denver

Private Full Day

Full day ice trips are perfect for large groups, or lots of climbing. Your guide will work on skills specific to you and get you feeling good on ice!

Ice climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park

Custom Ice Guiding

You name the iconic route and we'll make it happen! We want to take you to the top and help you achieve your ice climbing dreams.


Intermediate Day
Intermediate Day
Full Day
Extreme 2
Extreme 1
Half Day

1 Person = $280*

2 People = $200*

3 People = $180*

4 People = $160*

5 People = $140*

6 People = $125*

7+ People = Please call for large group rates

*Price is per person

  • Up to 4 hours in length

  • Custom tailored guided climbing and instruction

  • Perfect for: learning and practicing new climbing skills or individuals and groups looking for single pitch climbing

  • Offered at both 8am and 1pm (we highly recommend the 8am time slot to avoid afternoon weather

Extreme 3
Half Day
Full Day

1 Person = $550*

2 People = $445*

3+ People = $370*

*Price is per person

  • 8-10 hours in length

  • Predawn start times are normally required

  • Perfect for longer moderate routes with large approaches

Extreme 1
Extreme 2
Extreme 3

1 Person = $775*

2 People = $600*

*Price is per person

  • 12+ hours in length

  • Pre-sunrise starts required

  • Large alpine routes such as Long's Peak

1 Person = $610*

2 People = $495*

3+ People = $400*

*Price is per person

  • 8-12 hours in length

  • Typical start time is before sunrise

  • Great for many of the classic alpine routes

1 Person = $335*

2 People = $270*

3 People = $250*

4+ People = $230*

*Price is per person

  • Up to 6 hours in length

  • Custom tailored guided climbing and instruction

  • Perfect for an introduction to multi-pitch climbing or smaller routes

  • Typical start time is 8am; however, an earlier start may be required to beat weather and crowds

1 Person = $415*

2 People = $300*

3 People = $275*

4 People = $245*

5 People = $220*

6 People = $200*

7+ People = Please call for large group rates

*Price is per person

  • Up to 8 hours in length

  • Custom tailored guided climbing and instruction

  • Perfect for: multi-pitch climbing or large groups looking to maximize their time climbing

  • Necessary for areas with long approaches

  • Typical start time is 8am

Ice Pricing
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