Do you want to learn all about mountaineering, alpinism, and the skills needed to climb the worlds highest peaks? We’ll teach you the basics and much more! In this class, you’ll learn the basic skills needed to begin your mountaineering journey such as tying climbing knots, how to belay, crampon and ice axe techniques and more! We’ll also point you in the right direction to continue your mountaineering journey. This is an entry level course that focuses on the basics of mountaineering and the equipment and gear needed.

Springtime in the Colorado mountains is absolutely perfect for mountaineering and alpinism. The snow conditions are ideal and the warm Colorado sun provides ample locations for rock, mixed, and snow climbing. Throughout this course you’ll experience some of the best scenery in Colorado as well as walk away with a fundamental understanding of snow, rock, and ice climbing.



Day One: Rock Climbing Foundations

Today is all about front-loading the movement and technical skills needed for the remainder of the course. Belaying, knots and hitches, rappelling, rock climbing movement, anchor building, and transitions are all covered in great depth.

Day 2: Snow Climbing Skills Day

We transition to the snow for the day and discuss and practice ice axe techniques, movement in snow with both boots and crampons, self arrest, and rope travel techniques.

Day 3: Crevasse Rescue

Build on rope travel techniques from day two as you learn to perform crevasse rescue. Today we’ll learn about snow anchors, load transfers, mechanical advantage hauling systems, and other considerations important in rescuing a partner from a crevasse.

Day 4: Mountaineering Objective

It’s time to put it all together by climbing a real objective. Depending on group fitness and current conditions, an earlier start time may be required.


Prerequisites & More Information:

  • Recommended experience level: beginner
  • While not required, a basic understanding of rock climbing will help with skills taught in later days of the course
  • An awesome mix of snow, rock, and ice climbing techniques
  • Four days of climbing experience while learning new skills or refining old ones
  • All mountaineering climbing equipment is included
Course Dates Price Location Course Length Difficulty Rating
Course DatesApril 25 - 28, 2024 Price$899 LocationGolden, CO Course Length8:00am to 4:00pm Difficulty Rating6/10
Course DatesMarch 16 - 19, 2024 Price$899 LocationGolden, CO Course Length8:00am to 4:00pm Difficulty Rating6/10
  • Learn about rock, ice, and snow climbing from professional guides
  • Glacier travel, rope systems, and crevasse rescue systems covered in depth
  • Learn anchoring principles, climbing movement, and foundational climbing skills
  • An awesome mix of snow, rock, and ice climbing techniques
  • Four days of practice and applying new skills in the incredible Colorado mountains
  • All mountaineering climbing equipment is included
Price Includes


  • A professionally trained and/or certified AMGA Guide
  • All necessary mountaineering equipment including harnesses, helmets, mountaineering boots, belay devices, crampons, and ice axes
  • Four days of climbing instruction
  • Professional guiding and instruction throughout the entire course
  • Resources to further your mountaineering journey


  • Transportation. You will be responsible for your own transportation to and from a designated meeting area
  • Gratuity
  • Personal items such as food, clothing, backpack, winter gear, etc.
  • Entrance fees and parking fees (where necessary)
Topics Covered
  • Clothing and equipment for mountaineering
  • Safety considerations of mountaineering
  • How to pack for a mountaineering trip
  • Self arrest
  • Basic climbing knots and belaying
  • How to move efficiently in mountain boots and crampons
  • How to use your ice axe properly
  • Rock snow, and ice anchors
  • Basics of roped team travel
  • Crevasse rescue techniques
  • Rock climbing movement and technical systems
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