Rock & Ice Climbing Courses

Embark on a climbing journey of personal growth, thrilling adventure, and breathtaking views. Our rock and ice climbing courses are designed with you in mind as you learn technical skills, climbing movement, and everything in between. Whether you are taking your first steps towards rock climbing, or looking to perfect your mixed climbing technique, we can show you the way.

Climbing has changed dramatically over the last twenty years. New equipment, techniques, and a better understanding of the vertical realm have led to a huge increase in climbing’s popularity across the world. We pride ourselves in staying up to date on industry changes so we can teach you best practices and how to critically think while rock and ice climbing.

Why take a course with us? It’s simple:

  • Continuous support and resources to further your climbing journey. We are committed to seeing you succeed and all of our courses come with additional resources and knowledge you can use throughout your climbing career.
  • Interactive learning environment. All of our climbing courses are hands on and interactive putting you in the drivers seat. Learn the theory behind why we do things a certain way and practice it under supervision from a professional guide.
  • Consistently updated content. We routinely update our course curriculum to ensure you are receiving the most up to date industry practices and trends.
  • Expert instructors. All of our guides and instructors have undergone rigorous training and certification to be able to teach you. Years of experience coupled with professional training make our guides expert instructors you can feel comfortable learning from.

Our rock and ice climbing courses are run throughout Colorado and beyond to ensure you get the best conditions for learning. Many of our rock and ice climbing courses are run within a thirty minute drive from the Denver Metro area providing easy access to the best learning opportunities for climbing.

Did you miss the rock or ice climbing course you really wanted to take? We can always offer any course as a Private Offering instead. Contact Us for more information.

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