We love to give out beta on current climbing and skiing conditions! Check back frequently as our guides are always sharing about the conditions they encounter in the mountains.

January 24, 2024 – Clear Creek Canyon Ice

Mitch and I arrived early to the ice climbing area to beat the crowds and get first position on the ice. We got geared up at the car and we were off to climb Mickey’s Flow to the top. We found great climbing conditions on the first pitch in the early AM, when the temperature was the coldest part of the day. The second pitch of Mickey’s was in stellar condition! Steeper chandeliers, plastic ice, and 1 swing sticks and kicks. We rappelled off the the route in 2 pitches and headed over to Coors Light flow.

Coors Lite first pitch was tiered into 3 short sections with tacky ice climbing. We moved up to the second pitch and found wetter drippy climbing conditions with free water running over the ice which interesting and engaging climbing. The left side was steeper and so we decided to send that section to the top and then rappelled back to the base of the route.

Overall, the weather was really pleasant with light winds with warmer air temperatures and no precipitation. Mitch and I both agreed what a fun climbing day in Clear Creek Canyon!


January 30, 2024 – Staunton State Park Ice

Peter and I decided to take the ice tools for walk today. Seeing as we both didn’t want to carry skis up Mt. Bancroft, we agreed on Elk Falls in Staunton State Park.

A 3.25 mile hike into the ice was an excellent warmup and we didn’t see another person for the remainder of the day. The fields were covered with beautiful surface hoar from the night before. Despite the warm temps, the hike in was pleasant.

Elk Falls was in great shape. It was in WI2 (maybe 2+) condition. There was a substantial amount of water running under the surface ice and much of the flow was delaminated from the rock slab behind it. The sticks were great and went in first try. The topout of the flow began to see sun at around 1pm and there was some sunbaked ice near the top of the flow.


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