Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the dynamic and exhilarating world of mixed climbing. Commonly referred to as drytooling, mixed climbing is a style of climbing that involves navigating a combination of both rock and ice features. This type of climbing requires a diverse skillset as climbers must be proficient in both rock and ice climbing techniques and movement.

Our expert instructors and guides are passionate about helping climbers of all ability levels to master the art of combining rock and ice climbing techniques to conquer challenging terrain. Whether you’re a beginner looking to build to solid foundation, or an experience climbing seeking to enhance your skills, our Introduction to Mixed Climbing Course is tailored to meet your needs.

Throughout this day long course, you will develop and refine the skills needed to climb mixed routes with ice climbing gear. You’ll have the chance to try differing movement on many routes with the goal of feeling confident moving. We’ll introduce advanced equipment usage, transitioning from rock to ice, route planning, rest stances, and much more.

There will be tons of time to practice mixed climbing with like-minded climbers and receive personalized feedback and tips from professional guides. This course is an excellent way to increase your ice climbing ability, confidence, and movement skills. Mixed climbing is also the gateway to unlocking the bigger mountains of the world.



Participants should have both prior rock climbing and ice climbing experience and be comfortable with climbing systems such as belaying and knot tying. The ability to take care of yourself in cold environments is also required.

Course Dates Price Location Course Length Difficulty Rating
Course DatesFebruary 11, 2024 Price$249 LocationGolden or Boulder, CO Course Length8:00am to 4:00pm Difficulty Rating3/10
  • Learn the basics of drytooling, and mixed climbing
  • Plenty of time to climb with ice tools and perfect technique
  • You’ll walk away from this course with a basic understanding of the skills needed to drytool and climb mixed routes
  • An excellent way to become a stronger ice climber
Price Includes


  • A professionally trained and/or certified AMGA guide or instructor
  • All necessary climbing equipment including harnesses, helmets, mountaineering boots, belay devices, crampons, and ice tools
  • Professional guiding and instruction throughout the entire day
  • Resources to further your rock climbing journey


  • Transportation. You will be responsible for your own transportation to and from a designated meeting area
  • Gratuity
  • Personal items such as food, clothing, backpack, etc.
  • Entrance fees and parking fees (where necessary)
Topics Covered
  • How to use ice tools on rock
  • How to use crampons on rock
  • Rest positions while mixed climbing
  • The importance of body tension
  • How to feel the rock with your ice tools
  • The mixed climbing scale
  • Climbing resources to help you progress
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