Our Story

We are drawn to the mountains. They humble us, ignite unknown passions, inspire our imaginations, and make our hearts sing. Nowhere else can we feel so alive, but so small at the same time. We strive to share the privilege of exploring these incredible places and open the door to a lifetime of fulfilling adventure.

As a small, family run business, we value the importance of personal connection, self discovery, and the joy that mountains can add to life. We aim to not just guide, but create meaningful connections through incredible experiences as your climbing and skiing partner. We are more than just the Mountain Experts…we are educators, instructors, conservationists, mentors, and leaders. Let us show you our love for the mountains!

Our Vision:

We strive to create memorable experiences where Skills, Scenery, and Smiles coalesce into the perfect mountain adventure. We are dedicated to excellence in teaching climbing movement and technical skills, an unwavering commitment to explore the best mountain scenery, and a belief that all our guests should walk away with a smile, whether they’re skiing or climbing.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to foster conservation, outdoor education, and environmental stewardship by creating transformative mountain adventures that inspire you to reach beyond your personal limitations.

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We Believe:

  • In protecting and preserving the outdoors through conservation, education, and stewardship so that all future generations can continue to enjoy the open spaces and wild places we are passionate about
  • That climbing is a transformative journey with the power to teach lifelong lessons and inspire you to reach beyond your personal limits and persevere through challenges
  • In professionalism and the process and dedication it takes to become a certified guide or instructor
  • That professionally trained and certified guides create a more enjoyable and safer mountain experience by empowering others through their leadership, teaching, mentorship, sharing of knowledge, and camaraderie
  • That quality time together in the mountains creates memories that last a lifetime
  • That adventure in wild places can add great value to your life through a deep connection to something bigger than ourselves

We Deliver:

  • Connection
  • Meaningful human connection through challenging experiences​
  • Dis-connection from an all too hectic, technologically driven lifestyle
  • A lasting relationship as your climbing partner and mentor
  • A deep understanding of both the climbing community and local area
  • Connection to our local community 
  • A profound affinity for the mountains and our natural world

Climbing is a journey and we would love to share it with you!

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