Our Guides/Staff

Our passion for the mountains sets us apart.  Years of personal climbing and professional training around the world have given our guides and office staff the knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm that you would expect from a professional guide.  Our guides are local experts, teachers, and strive to create an experience not soon to be forgotten.

All of our guides undergo rigorous training through the American Mountain Guides Association to to ensure you have the best possible experience and instruction.  Our guides take great pride in teaching, climbing knowledge, leadership, professional development, and continuously work within their scope of practice.

The mountains are a very special place to us and we feel very privileged to be able to work where we do!

Ben Coryell

Certified Rock Guide/Owner

Whitney Vestal


Thomas Gilmore

Certified Rock Guide

Jack Mullen

Single Pitch Instructor

Doug Morse

Single Pitch Instructor

Pat Schmalix

Single Pitch Instructor

Daniel Delany

Single Pitch Instructor