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AMGA SPI Guide Training Programs

AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Courses & Exams

Have you ever wondered how to get your foot into the door of the guiding world? Golden Mountain Guides offers both AMGA SPI Courses and Exams in the Denver, Golden, and Boulder areas.


AMGA Single Pitch Instructor certification is considered to be a baseline for individuals looking to enter the guiding industry. It is often times the first program guides and instructors progress through as they pursue higher training and examination through the AMGA. The SPI Program is designed to give candidates the skills, instructional techniques, and tools needed to instruct rock climbing in a single pitch setting.

AMGA spi course


Learn the skills needed to proficiently instruct rock climbing in a single pitch environment throughout this three day course.  

spi exam_edited.jpg


Becoming a certified Single Pitch Instructor can provide many opportunities within the guiding industry and is the baseline for many entry-level positions.

spi prep day

SPI Exam Prep Day

Need help getting ready for your Single Pitch Instructor Exam? We'll cover the skills you need and help increase your chances of success in the exam.

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