6 Outdoor, Winter Date Ideas

Just in time for Valentines Day, we wanted to give you some ideas on how to enjoy the great outdoors with your date, even in the middle of winter!

1. Rock Climbing (or ice climbing, if it’s cold enough!)

We might be biased, but rock climbing is such a fun date – and it’s for all abilities! It’s what Ben

and I, the owner’s of Golden Mountain Guides, did for our first date! We’re lucky that we live in Colorado because we can pretty much rock climb any time of the year. Here in Golden, North Table Mountain warms up nicely in the sunshine and we get plenty of warm days during the winter weeks. If it’s just too cold to put your hands on the rocks, try ice climbing with your partner!

Book a trip for your and your date.

2. Hiking or Snowshoeing

Hiking with your date is always a great idea. Just check in with them on how hard of a hike they want to do and then look around for an appropriate area.

Snowshoeing trails around Denver

3. Visit an outdoor sculpture garden

Walk around and admire the art. Pretend you are art critics and make up serious (or funny) reviews. There are a ton of sculptures in downtown Golden!

4. Sledding

You can’t go wrong with sledding (unless the hill goes right into traffic). Feel like a kid again. Grab a cheap plastic sled and hit the hills with your date!

5. Ice skating on a mountain lake

Think Hallmark. Mountains all around, fresh air, holding hands. Picture perfect date! Try Evergreen Lake.

6. Hot Springs

Winter time is the best time to visit a hot springs. Colorado has many to choose from. Some indoors, some outdoors, some natural, some free. One of our favorites is Hot Sulphur Springs near Granby. Grab your suits, towels and spend a day in the natural waters.

Let us know in the comments: What are some of your favorite outdoor, winter date ideas??

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