Why You Should Add Rock Climbing to Your Summer Itinerary

Summer is officially here! If you haven’t already started planning your summer travel plans, you might be getting started now. As you pick a destination and compile all the things you’re going to do, here’s a few reason why we think rock climbing should be on your to-do list!

1. No experience necessary

That’s right, anyone can try rock climbing; no experience necessary! By hiring a guide, you know you’re in the good hands of someone that can teach you the “ropes” and help you overcome any fears you may have.

2. You’ll get great photos

Perfect for Instagram!

3. You can find a new way to enjoy the outdoors.

Maybe you’ll find that you really enjoy rock climbing and want to pursue it further.

4. Unique Colorado experience

Even if you’re already a seasoned climber, rock climbing in a new location always offers a unique experience. There are new views to check out and different routes to try. By hiring a guide, they can show you the locals’ favorite spots to climb and give you beta on classic routes. Try a classic route in Eldorado Canyon or climb the iconic Flatirons.

5. Hone in on your current skills

Maybe summer gives you a little more free time to work on your hobbies! By signing up for a privately guided trip, you can work on your skills like building anchors, self-rescue or technique that will help you reach that next level of climbing! Maybe there’s a route you’ve had your eye on but no partner to climb it with – hire a guide!

We may be a bit biased, but rock climbing is a huge passion of ours and we love to share our passion with others! That’s why we think you should add rock climbing to your summer travel plans!

Book a trip with Golden Mountain Guides! All of our trips are privately guided with a ratio of no more than one guide for every five people. All trips are customizable to your goals/skills! All trips include shoes, harness, helmets and an AMGA certified guide.

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