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Bigwall Climbing

Learn How to Bigwall & Aid Climb

There comes a time in every climber’s life, when the walls just aren’t big enough. You’ve spent years developing your trad climbing skills, traveling through the alpine, crushing boulders, and are looking for more. One trip to Yosemite National Park, and you’re hooked on the idea of taking down El Cap. There’s just one thing - how?

Climbing a bigwall is a multi-day journey that requires a very unique set of skills. Throughout this four day course in Moab, we’ll cover everything you need to know for these huge pieces of stone.

We’ll start by introducing you to some of the specialized aid and big wall gear that you’ll need for a multi-day adventure. Aiding on your gear is fun, and learning to aid climb is a great way to improve as a trad climber. Learn the skills needed to efficiently move through roofs, pendulums, and traverses. Practice setting up hauling systems and moving the haulbag or “pig” around. Dial in the rope management while learning how to organize complex anchors.

Making your way up a 3,000ft tall rock will require you to sleep there overnight, and we’ll introduce you to the ways of portaledge living. So what are you waiting for? If taking on a bigwall is a goal of yours, get started with the instruction of our AMGA Rock Guides. The big stone is calling your name!

Did you miss the climbing course you really wanted to take? We can always offer any course as a Private Day instead. Contact Us to set up a Private Day.

Bigwall climbing classes, courses, and instruction

Bigwall Climbing

Is El Cap or Half Dome in your future? This 4 day course is a perfect intro to the skills and equipment needed to climb big walls.

Bigwall Climbing

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping on the side of a wall? Our Bigwall Climbing Course takes solid trad leaders and gives them new aid climbing skills, rope trickery, and a solid understanding of anchors and how to avoid the dreaded bigwall cluster. Skills such as hauling systems, packing a haulbag, and leading/seconding an aid pitch are covered in the 4 day class. We can show you how not to be part of the ~50% bail rate on El Cap!

In this course, you'll have plenty of time to ask questions, practice skills, and apply them in new ways.  Practice makes perfect and we guarantee there will be lots of time to hone your bigwall climbing skills under the watchful eye of an AMGA Certified Rock Guide.


Participants should be able to comfortably climb 5.9 trad outdoors on lead as well as have experience anchors.  A strong base level of fitness is required for this course.


  • Learn from a pro! Our guides/instructors have undergone rigorous training and certification to be able to teach you

  • Instructor demos and tons of hands on experience

  • 4 days of climbing in spectacular Moab

  • Learn how to bigwall climb in style

  • The most practice you will ever get in rope management

  • A great course to introduce you to bigger stone

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to bigwall and aid equipment

  • Leading aid pitches

  • Cleaning aid pitches (roofs, pendulums, & traverses)

  • Hauling

  • Station management

  • How to comfortably bivy on the wall

  • Anchors

  • Tips from an AMGA Certified Rock Guide

Price Includes

  • An AMGA Certified Rock Guide

  • Group climbing gear such as ropes, lead equipment, bigwall gear (haulbags, portaledges, etc)

  • Personal climbing gear such as harnesses, helmets, shoes

  • Campsite Reservation

Price Excludes

  • Transportation. You will be responsible for your own transportation to and from a designated meeting area

  • Gratuity

  • Food

  • Lodging (if you choose not to camp)

  • Trip insurance

  • Personal camping gear

  • Entrance fees and parking fees (where necessary)

Course Dates & Price

Course Dates

October 12-15, 2023




Moab, Utah

Course Length

8:00am to 4:00pm (daily)

Difficulty Rating
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