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A mountain to climb, my favorite guided trips.

As a employee of a guiding company, I will always encourage people to hire a guide due to the many benefits that we have discussed before. But that is not what this is about. If you are looking for a adventure in Colorado here is my list of my favorite trips that we offer.

Outer Space.

This is a classic climb in Eldorado canyon, outer space is two pitches of stunning Eldorado canyon climbing. The climb starts on the road before rising through two pitches he last wall before topping out the Bastille. Did I mention that this climb has some of the best views of the whole canyon due to its proximity to the planes. Additionally both of the cruxes to the pitches are amazing moves involving the coolest undercling step around. As with most things in Eldorado canyon this is a trad route which ensures that it will be just you and your guide.

2. The Bastille Crack

The Bastille Crack is one of the supper classic routes that is in Eldorado canyon. It is five pitches of 5.7 climbing all of which has stunning views. The day begins with a one minute walk from the car to the bottom of the route where the fun begins you make your way from the road up to the first crack system. This crack is a classic for a reason, the whole route is a combination of cool moves and terrific scenery. The one issue is that the sheer coolness of the climb means that people come from around the world to climb this route so it can be busy, fortunately because we guide this climb on a semi regular basis we can usually suggest times that the route will not be too crazy. I recommend this climb due to the sheer uniqueness of it as there is very little climbing with that combination of interesting moves in that short of a space. Great for small groups with semi experienced climbers.

The Maiden

One of the most eccentric climbs that we offer is Maiden to the lookers left of the flat irons. The day starts in the flatirons parking lot where you began the climb to the maiden. After a hike on the stunning boulder trails you will put on your harness, helmet, and shoes before beginning the fun part of your day. This climb starts with 5 pitches of either 5.6 or 5.10c climbing (depending on the days route). Before summiting to a beautiful view of the front range as well as the plains. After some cool pictures your guide will set a rope off of the end and your get to rappel off the nose of the maiden back to the start of the climb as a adrenaline filled end to the climbing. This is a versatile route for most climbers and adventurers. If you are feeling like a adventure and have some experience with climbing this is the route for you.

Longs Peak

Ever hiked a 14,000 foot mountain? Well if not I strongly recommend trying one, they are one of the coolest and most rewarding things that you can do in one day. If you are like me and enjoy the mountains but want to climb mountains but don't love the trudge up the normal trail with all of the other people who have had the same idea then we have the trip for you. The diamond on the front of longs peak has some difficult exposed and really rad climbing to offer, it is a 14 mile day with 5,000 feet of elevation gain but totally worth it. Not interested in the extreme way up the mountain? The other option is to walk the trail up tell the key hole where a guide will cut off the last cut around the mountain to climb the summit pitches missing the final conga line up the mountain. All in all this is the coolest way to climb this mountain, this is a day that is best for farley experienced climbers, or for novices in search for a adventure.


Sick of Colorado? The most remote trip that we offer is actually not in the US. This is a five day trip to Spain. I have not personally done this trip but every time that people come back from this trip they simply rave about the fun and adventure that this is one of the most amazing experiences of there lives.

Playin Hooky

Do you like 4 Pitches of amazing granite climbing in the local clear creek canyon well playin hooky is the route for you. This is a route in Clear Creek canyon so after a 30 minute drive you pull off to the side of the road and you can see the route across the river. 15 minutes of approach later you arrive at the bottom, a small shelf before the climb starts. From the beginning of the climb is incredible satisfying granite holds with cool foot work. When you top out there is a incredible view of the valley below and you began your rappel and head home.

Private Outdoor Guided Climbing Day.

One of our most popular climbing adventures that we have is our private guided climbing days. This is a deserved popularity because the best way to learn is by spending a day working with a guide. I recommend this trip for anybody who wants to learn about climbing, this is for everyone from first time climbers who want to learn how it is done to advanced climbers learning about self rescue to SPI skills.

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