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Build Climbing Anchors Like a Pro

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Claim your FREE download with many non-textbook ways to build climbing anchors. 

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Climb Dream Routes

Knowing how to build strong and timely climbing anchors opens up the routes you've only ever dreamed of!

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Be a Better Partner

Learn to build better anchors and become the partner everyone wants to climb with.

Learn to be a better climbing

Identify Poor Anchors

Begin to learn how to identify anchors that are poorly constructed and go against best practices.

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Learn to Build Better Climbing Anchors

It can be hard to find climbing partners willing to teach you the ins and outs of anchor building. We totally get it - we've been down that road and know where it dead ends. By downloading this infographic, you'll get a professional guides perspective on really cool climbing anchors and tips to increase your security and efficiency in the mountains.



“From my first day of climbing ever to advancing my sport lead skills, I've worked with Golden Mountain Guides several times and am always pleased with the experience and results. Highly recommended!"


“Everything you would expect from a professional guide. Well worth it and I'll definitely climb more with these guys."


Take your climbing to the next level!

Building anchors that reflect the terrain we are climbing is a need to know skill.

Learn acronyms used to assess the quality of an anchor and practice with 7 different examples of "out of the box" anchors.

Do you know what the most important part or anchor building is? Our FREE download can let you in on the secret.

Don't miss your chance to learn about climbing anchors from a professional guide

There's no such things as a one size fits all anchor. Every route we climb is different and in order to climb the routes we dream of, we need to know different types of anchors. Our FREE download can help you increase your security and speed in the mountains.

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