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Thomas Gilmore

Senior Guide

Thomas has been climbing for over 6 years and guiding for 3 years. He discovered his passion for climbing while serving in the Army stationed at Ft Knox, Kentucky where he found, and fell in love with, a little place called the Red River Gorge. Thomas decided that he needed to make climbing his life and after being honorably discharged, took off in a van for a year long adventure climbing all the classic destinations in North America. After a thorough sampling of what North American climbing had to offer, he went on to climb internationally in exotic places such as Patagonia, Spain, Morocco, and Japan while also training to become a guide.

Thomas is an AMGA Certified Rock Guide and currently splits his time between Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. When Thomas isn't at the gym or out climbing, you can find him building custom camper vans to help others live this nomadic lifestyle in comfort and style!




AMGA Certified Rock Guide
Wilderness First Responder

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