7 Reasons Ice Climbing Should be on Your To-Do List

It’s winter time here in Golden, Colorado, and we are getting ready to ice climb. And you can too!

Are you looking for an awesome activity in Denver this winter? I think we might have just what you’re looking for!


Ice climbing is one of the coolest things you’ll ever do, and we can prove it!

With tons of ice less than an hour and a half from Denver and Golden, it’s just as easy to climb as it is to ski. Clear Creek Canyon and Lincoln Falls have some of the best Front Range ice around. Need more convincing? Well if so, these seven reasons will surely change your mind.

Reason One

Ice climbing is something new to try!

Tired of just skiing during the winter? Give ice climbing a shot! Everything is worth a go at least once, and we feel this bucket list activity will leave you grinning ear to ear.

We take beginners out climbing all the time and love to show them just how cool ice climbing actually is!

Ice climbing is truly a unique and interesting sport that not a lot of people have tried or even heard of! Once it’s seen in action, many think it’s hard or dangerous. Quite the contrary, ice climbing is fun and very beginner friendly.

Reason Two

You’ll look badass!

I mean, come on… ice axes are some seriously cool looking tools and when you’re literally climbing UP vertical ice pillars, you will look awesome. Talk about great Instagram pictures!

Reason Three

Incredible scenery!

Speaking of Instagram, the views while ice climbing are breathtaking! Colorado has some of the best summertime views, so you know the snow will only make it better!

Climbing during the winter offers a new way to see your favorite spots, or explore new ones.

Reason Four


Ice climbing is great workout, both mentally and physically. Some of the best days out will leave you utterly tired from swinging your tools…but…you can’t help but feel accomplished!

You’ll stay in shape and keep your fitness up for rock climbing season. Ice climbing uses the same muscles you use to scale rock walls but in slightly different ways. These moves will keep you fit all winter long and you’ll be ready for those 5.10s come spring!

Reason Five

Every ice climbing trip is unique!

The ice forms different every year, giving you unique challenges each time. Plus, as people climb it and new ice forms, it changes it’s shape throughout the season. Ice climbing is a truly unique sport; it’s different than any other sport, and there’s a unique formation every year.

Reason Six

You’ll experience the mountains in a new way!

Develop a new respect for mother nature and reconnect with winter. Some ice climbing spots are a challenge to get to and require extra knowledge and gear for avalanche safety. When you get into the sport, your connection with mother nature becomes strong!

Reason Seven

You can “sharpen” your skills!

Yes that’s an ice climbing pun. All the basic rock climbing skills (knots, anchor set up, etc.) are still used for ice climbing. Keep your skills on point (another pun) by practicing them in a new environment during the off season. When snow and ice is covering the ground, it allows for you to look at the environment in a new way and build anchors with what’s available.

There it is. Seven reasons you should ice climb this winter!

If you’re in the Denver, Boulder, Golden area this winter, be sure to give us a holler and we can show you some of the best ice spots on the Front Range.

Are you ready to give this new sport a try? Give us a ring or BOOK an ice climbing trip!

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