A Climber’s Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year! Here’s the ultimate list of the 10 best gift ideas for the climbers in your life (or to give you ideas to tell others)!

Have you ever wondered what to get that special climber in your life? Struggling with ideas and need some inspiration?

If choosing gifts always seems like the crux (see what we did there?) of the Holiday season, then look no further. Our 10 best gifts for climbers will surely put your mind at ease and make the holidays less stressful.

From gift cards to classes, we’ve got ideas sure to excite every climber!

1) An Inspirational Climbing Book

Book gifts can be a perfect way to show someone you care about their interests. For the climber in your life, an inspiration book can motivate them to reach their next goals and makes a great gift. Looking for a good recommendation? Check out Golden Mountain Guides’ owners recommendations. Ben recommends The Rock Warriors Way by Arno Ilgner and Whitney recommends Climbing Free: My Life in the Vertical World by Lynn Hill.

2) A Custom Made Hangboard

In-home training makes getting ready for the climbing season easy! You’ve probably one hanging above outdoor enthusiasts’ doorways announcing a climber lives there. These custom-made hang boards by Hardwood Climbing are a beautiful and purposeful gift for the climber in your life.

3) Rope Rug

This unique gift will brighten any climber’s home! Made from retired climbing ropes, these rugs are made locally in Boulder, CO by Lambert Rope Art. Whether they hang it on the wall or set it in front of the door, your climber friend will appreciate this thoughtful gift.

4) The Porta Hang System

Whether on the road or stuck at home, training never has to take a back seat with this portable training set. Just hook them over the doors, attach the holds you want, and reap the benefits!

5) Climbing Themed Jewelry

How can you tell someone is a climber? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you! Let your climber friend SHOW their hobby to the world their interest without saying a word by getting them jewelry! There are a ton of options on Etsy or check out RockClimbingJewelry.com

6) Rocky Talkies

Communication at the crag is super important and these sweet little handheld radios make it easier than ever!

With a 3-5 day battery life and rugged design, these mountain radios make it easy, even in the toughest of conditions. And the best part…they are affordable at $95 per radio. They even donate $2 from every radio to local search and rescue teams!

7) Climbing Classes or Clinics

Let’s face it, there is always more to learn in the climbing world. A climbing class or clinic taught by professional guides is a great way to show your loved one some support!

Classes are a great way to learn industry standard “Best Practices”, or refresh your skills before an upcoming trip.

Some of the most popular classes we teach are Self Rescue, Gym to Crag, and Intro to Trad.

Check out some of our course offerings here.

8) DIY Climbing Craft

Embrace your crafty side and show your climber friend how much you care with a homemade gift this holiday season.

There are endless opportunities to repurpose retired climbing and make everything from coatracks, rope bowls to even keyring holders. It can be as easy as grabbing a few carabiners and a piece of wood, or as tough as breaking out the miter saw to make those fine, intricate cuts. That’s the beauty of DIY! Check out the homemade coat hanger Golden Mountain Guides owner, Ben made from a scrap piece of fence wood and carabiners.

9) Book a Private Day Out with a Guide

An experience is always worth more than any gift and climbing is no exception! Every climber has a dream route or ticklist and you can help them achieve their goal.

Hiring a guide makes it easy to get on that special dream route. Many days out are 100% custom-tailored towards skill level, climbing ability, and goals!

We offer many “Classic Climbs” and guide many iconic routes in the Denver Area and Moab Desert. For some of the awesome routes we guide, check out our rock climbing page here. Now sure what day will work for their schedule? Get them a gift card to book their own adventure! BONUS: Buy a Golden Mountain Guides gift card during the month of December and we’ll send you a free shirt to gift with their present.

10) Gift Cards

Still not sure what to gift this year? Let your climber choose by getting them a gift card. Some of our favorites are Black Diamond, Bentgate Mountaineering, and REI.

Gift cards take the pressure off you and allow your special someone to get exactly what they want. And the best part? Most companies even do digital certificates!

There you have it – our top ten favorite gifts for climbers. Enjoy the holidays and we hope to see you out there!

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