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Whitney vestal


Whitney is one of Golden Mountain Guide’s owners as well as the marketing coordinator.  Truly a “Jill of all trades,” she has developed her professional career through a variety of occupations over her lifetime. She has been a lifeguard, a shoe salesman, high school coach, a vet tech and even Mr. Peanut.  Recently, she has worked in the marketing industry as a coordinator for a running event production company. 

When it comes to climbing, Whitney has been scaling cliffs on and off for about 6 years, learning the ropes both indoors and outdoors.  It wasn’t until she met Ben that she really started to get the hang of it! When she isn't working, Whitney tries to get outside to the mountains as much as possible by running, hiking, camping, and snowboarding. Occasionally you’ll find her snuggled under a pile of blankets deep in a good book.




Whitney Vestal is one of the owners of Golden Mountain Guides
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