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Climbing Instruction in Denver & the Front Range

Are you ready to learn new climbing skills? New to the sport and looking to learn? Beginning to think about transitioning from the gym to the crag? Join one of our rock climbing courses and have fun, learn new things, or refine old skills.


We offer multiple rock climbing classes which focus on different aspects of climbing. We teach both technical skills such as self rescue as well as climbing movement classes such as crack climbing. Whether you are just looking for a refresher or eager to learn new skills, we can help take your climbing to the next level. Many of our course locations are within a short drive from Denver, Golden, and Boulder. All of our rock climbing courses are run at a 5:1 ratio to ensure you walk away with the best possible experience. Looking for a solid introduction and more to rock climbing? Check out our Golden Trio Climbing Pass.

Did you miss the climbing course you really wanted to take? We can always offer any course as a private day instead. Contact Us to set up a private course.

Course Offerings


Intro to Rock Climbing

Don't miss your opportunity to scale impossible looking rocks for the 1st time! We'll teach you the basics and so much more. This is a perfect intro to the sport.


Self Rescue

Do you know how to save your climbing parter if something goes terribly wrong? Learn all about climbing self rescue and be prepared.


Crack Climbing

Cracks are the natural avenues to the vertical world and knowing how to climb them lets us reach even greater heights while climbing!


Gym to Crag

Transitioning from indoors to outdoors can be daunting, but we can show you the skills and knowledge to successfully climb at your local crag.



Knowing how to build solid anchors is one of the most important skills a climber can know. Learn different types of anchors and feel confident.


Climbing Progression Series

Want to become a stronger climber? Then this is the course for you! This course is designed to take newer climbers and turn them into crushers.


Intro to Trad

Learn to trad climb by covering the basics and more. Gear placement, anchor construction, and leading are all covered in this 2 day course.


Learn to Lead

Take the next step outdoors and learn to lead sport routes! This action packed class takes confident top-ropers and turns them into new leaders.


Bigwall Climbing

Is El Cap or Half Dome in your future? This 4 day course is a perfect intro to the skills and equipment needed to climb big walls.


Rock Climbing Courses & Instruction

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