Jack Mullen


Jack has been climbing rocks since he could show you his age on his hands. He and his older brother took a liking to the sport at a summer camp and from then on they couldn’t be stopped. With help from their father, a dedicated driver and belayer, they honed their skills on the finest rock and plastic that Southern California had to offer. From dirty, local San Diego spots, to Joshua Tree and Taquitz, it wasn’t long before the two of them were swinging leads on tall traditional routes with their chauffeur waiting anxiously at the base.

In his adult life, climbing has taken Jack all over the US and abroad. As other passions have come and gone, he has found climbing to be the one thing that he can never seem to lose interest in. For this reason, he jumps at every opportunity to share his passion for the sport and to get other people excited to climb.

Jack now splits his time between Golden and Crested Butte, working as a ski instructor in the winter. When he isn’t climbing, he can be found skiing or surfing(on the river or the ocean), but realistically, he’d probably rather be climbing.

AMGA Single Pitch Certification
Wilderness First Responder

Jack Mullen is a guide for Golden Mountain Guides